Built with Berta

  1. Lauris Vitolins. Sculptor. Born in 1988 in Latvia. Graduated from Latvian Academy of Arts, BA, and MA in Sculpture. During master degree he has studied abroad one year in Erasmus exchange program in Portugal. The first major prize in 2014 was Brederlo - von Sengbusch art prize. Also created the Light object for the “Staro Riga” Light Festival in 2017. Participated in several international exhibitions such as JCE (Jung creation Europe), exhibition touring in several European countries, France, Spain, Italy and Nederland, etc. In 2016. Lauris had first residency in the Azores islands in Portugal, where he experimented with Ocean and made the installation, which catches waves and moves the sound to another place.

    Lauris Likes to experiment with different materials You can see some kinetic elements and ready-made inspiration in his works. He is constantly trying out something new instead of thinking in conventional ways. Lauris does not talk much about his art or its concept, but more to create the most appropriate form and content for the idea. Installations are made according to their feelings and impressions. It is very important for Lauris, the environment in which the new installation is made, and what local materials are available to create the idea.